The original brand name 'BEZGAR' change into 'BREEZYPALS' on 10/1/2017, whole series of 'BEZGAR' will use the new brand name 'BREEZYPALS'.

We only authorized the seller named 'Breezypals' on Amazon.com to sell our brand product. Who else on Amazon.com selling our brand product is/are FAKE.Don't be cheated.

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Thanck You Cards blank on the inside,you can write on them with whatever you have laying around (crayons, colored pencils, pens, pencils)

With these simple yet elegant cards, you will not have to think about different designs for different people.Because it's suitable for most people

Perfect for sending a note with your thanks and wishes to co-workers,friends and family on their special day.Surprise, delight and brighten someone's day with a handwritten note

12 folded high quality cards and envelops included

Card size:4.92"*3.45

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